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Corrections to Gabriel Valiente’s Encyclopedia of Tango

Gabriel Valiente’s Encyclopedia of Tango, published in 2014, is an invaluable resource for tango DJs and collectors.  The book provides complete or near-complete discographies of about 150 of the most important tango orchestras, with information about vocalists, genres, labels and recording dates.  It also includes hard-to-find details about the musicians that played in many of these orchestras over time.  I encourage anyone who is serious about tango music to get a copy of this excellent book.

It is inevitable that a work of such scope and ambition will contain some errors and inaccuracies.  Even the most respected discographies of individual orchestras, such as Lefcovich’s, are known to contain mistakes.  So we shouldn’t be surprised to learn that a book that sets to comprehensively list the recordings of dozens of orchestras isn’t completely error-free.

In the hope that this initiative may be of value to other tango fans, or help Gabriel prepare future editions of his encyclopedia, I have decided to create a spreadsheet listing all errors and omissions I was able to find.  The document will be regularly updated, as I examine new sections more closely and compare the information found on its pages with that in my own discographies.  If you spot any mistakes not already listed, I would be grateful if you could notify me about it.

Information that I believe to be incorrect is listed in strikethrough. Information that I believe to be dubious is listed in italics. The corresponding comments provide the correct information or explain my reasons for doubt. In addition, omissions from the Encyclopedia are listed in boldface.

Orquesta Típica Victor discography

My discography of Orquesta Típica Victor is now finished.  (For context on this project, see here.)

In addition to the fields displayed below (title, genre, recording date, vocalist(s) and record number) you may find information about record labels, matrix numbers, orchestra conductors, and more, by scrolling to the right using the horizontal bar at the end of the table. Alternatively, you may access the entire spreadsheet on Google Drive here.

I have also created a spreadsheet with a list of tracks often incorrectly attributed to Orquesta Típica Victor, or attributed without sufficient evidence. You will find this spreadsheet here.

The main sources used to create this discography are listed at the end of this post.  I would like to thank Johan and Héctor Mario Lobato for valuable feedback.

If you spot any inaccuracies or discover missing information, please leave a comment or send me a message.

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My discographies of the major tango orchestras

A while ago I noted that the discographies of the tango orchestras are scattered all around the web. In that post, I provided links to what I took to be the most complete and reliable discography of each major orchestra. I have since realized, however, that these discographies are still incomplete and unreliable, and have as a consequence decided to create new discographies that supplement and correct the existing ones. (The only exceptions are the excellent discographies of Canaro, by Christoph Lanner, and D’Arienzo, by Johan.) In the coming months and years, I will be posting these new discographies publicly, in separate posts corresponding each to a different orchestra. These posts will also include a link to a Google spreadsheet containing additional information not found in the posts themselves (such as record labels, matrix numbers, and the like).

Although I am unable to list all the sources I consulted in conducting my research, I should note that I relied extensively on Gabriel Valiente’s Encyclopedia of Tango and the sites, and TodoTango (including its public forum). The booklets of the CDs in my own tango collection were also of great help.

I hope that these discographies will supersede the existing ones. Inevitably, they will still contain inaccuracies, and for this reason I kindly ask readers to notify me—by leaving a comment or sending me an email—of any errors that they manage to spot.

Discographies published so far:

Discographies of the major tango orchestras

The discographies of the tango orchestras are scattered all around the web. Below is my best attempt to make the relevant links all available in one place. When I found more than one discography for a given orchestra, I chose the one which seemed most complete and reliable. I plan to keep this post updated, so if you think I’m missing something, please let me know.

Update: See here for my current attempt to improve on these discographies. The links below will gradually link to my own discographies, as they become available.