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My favorite tandas: mixed tanda – ‘A don Pedro Maffia’

Pedro Maffia (1899-1967) played in the orchestras of Roberto Firpo, Francisco Lomuto, Juan Carlos Cobián and Julio De Caro. Perhaps his most important legacy, however, was as a composer of some of the greatest tangos of all time. This tanda features four of those masterpieces (‘Amurado’ was co-written by Maffia and Laurenz).

My favorite tandas: Laurenz – ‘Abandono’

A tanda featuring four tangos with brilliant bandoneón variaciones by Pedro Laurenz, culminating with “Amurado”, the all-time classic by Laurenz and Pedro Maffia.

My favorite performances: Te aconsejo que me olvides (Troilo)

My choice for this week is ‘Te aconsejo que me olvides’ (Aníbal Troilo with Francisco Fiorentino, 1941). I reviewed 49 performances.

My favorite: Barbara Carpino & Claudio Forte.

I also liked the performances by Moira Castellano & Gastón Torelli, Stefania Colina & Juan Martin Carrara, Noelia Hurtado & Carlitos Espinoza and Inés Muzzopappa & Federico Naveira.