Orquesta Típica Victor discography

My discography of Orquesta Típica Victor is now finished.  (For context on this project, see here.)

In addition to the fields displayed below (title, genre, recording date, vocalist(s) and record number) you may find information about record labels, matrix numbers, orchestra conductors, and more, by scrolling to the right using the horizontal bar at the end of the table. Alternatively, you may access the entire spreadsheet on Google Drive here.

I have also created a spreadsheet with a list of tracks often incorrectly attributed to Orquesta Típica Victor, or attributed without sufficient evidence. You will find this spreadsheet here.

The main sources used to create this discography are listed at the end of this post.  I would like to thank Johan and Héctor Mario Lobato for valuable feedback.

If you spot any inaccuracies or discover missing information, please leave a comment or send me a message.


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  • peter

    you have missed out Tito Schipa 4 tunes Rosita Quiroga 32 tunes Rosita Montemar 4 tunes plus 5 missing Orquesta tipica Victor tunes

    • If you have evidence to establish that the singers you mention made any recordings with OTV, I’m happy to add them to my list. To my knowledge, there is no such evidence.

      • peter

        There are many OTV tunes in my discography 564 tunes most of these are on 78 records CD only print popular tunes even baba san missed out loads of tunes you should really research you subject before publishing your results

        • As I said, if you have evidence to establish that I’m missing any OTV tracks, please provide it and I’ll rectify the omissions. I did extensive research on many alleged OTV recordings, including the ones you allude to, and I wasn’t able to verify that the orchestra was in fact OTV; see this spreadsheet for details.

          Not sure what your point is about CDs and 78 records. I am well aware that only a fraction of all OTV recordings have been released on commercial CDs, and a quick inspection of my discography will reveal lots of titles not included in any CD collection (including CTA).

          My sources are all listed at the end of my post; what are yours?