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Pedro Laurenz’s bandoneón variations

Pedro Laurenz was not only a first-class composer and conductor, but an extraordinary bandoneón player who influenced an entire generation of musicians.  His impressive technical skills are, I believe, best displayed when he executes his own brilliantly crafted variaciones for that instrument. For this post I have excerpted my favorite 10 variations from the original tangos in which they appear. Click on the individual titles below or, if you can withstand five minutes of breathtaking intensity, play the video to listen to them all in one go.

  1. Amurado (1940)
  2. Desconsuelo (1940)
  3. Abandono (1937)
  4. Al verla pasar (1942)
  5. No me extraña (1940)
  6. 24 de agosto (1943)
  7. Taconeando (1942)
  8. Quedate tranquilo (1941)
  9. Orgullo criollo (1941)
  10. Mala junta (1947)