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Early footage of some famous dancers

Ever wondered how some of today’s top performers danced before they became so famous? What follows is a selection of clips I was able to dig up after doing some detective work on YouTube. Feel free to send further suggestions by email or as comments to this post. Enjoy!

María Inés Bogado & Sebastián Jiménez (ca. 2008)

Nayla Vacca & Fernando Sánchez (2007)

María Ximena Gallichio & Sebastián Achával (2006)

Ariadna Naveira & Federico Naveira (2006)

Noelia Hurtado & Pablo Rodríguez (2006)

Valeria Solomonoff & Murat Erdemsel (2003)

Claudia Jakobsen & Mariano Frumboli (1997)

Giselle Anne & Pablo Verón (ca. 1995)

Geraldine Rojas & Sebastián Arce (1994)

Geraldine Rojas, Andrea Missé, Sebastián Arce, Sebastián Missé, Gabriel Missé, and others (1993)

Geraldine Rojas & Gustavo Naveira (1992)

Mónica & Pablo Verón (1988)

My favorite performances: La capilla blanca (Di Sarli)

My choice for this week is ‘La capilla blanca’ (Carlos Di Sarli with Alberto Podestá, 1944). I reviewed 36 performances.

My favorite: Michelle & Murat Erdemsel and Roxana Suárez & Sebastián Achával (ex aequo).

I also liked the performance by Natacha Lockwood & Claudio Coppola.

My favorite performances: Tormenta (Di Sarli)

My choice for this week is ‘Tormenta’ (Carlos Di Sarli with Mario Pomar, 1954). I reviewed 30 performances.

My favorite: Michelle & Murat Erdemsel.

I also liked the performance by Rebecca Smith & Eric Lindgren.