Tango documentaries, part 1: Volver Tango

Between 1995 and 1998, the Argentine TV channel Volver screened a series of tango documentaries. The series was directed by Eduardo Berti, and includes valuable testimonies from many great musicians and vocalists, as well as commentary from journalists and collectors. As is often the case with things tango-related, there is very little information available about this production. The list that follows was reconstructed from references found in magazines, newspapers, and other reliable sources. I managed to obtain copies of most episodes, which I have since uploaded to my YouTube channel and which you can watch by clicking on the corresponding links below.

Francisco Canaro

Enrique Santos Discepolo

Leopoldo Federico

Aníbal Troilo

El bandoneón y sus intérpretes: primera parte

El bandoneón y sus intérpretes: segunda parte

El cine y el tango

La historia de las orquestas: orígenes y evolución (1895-1935)

La historia de las orquestas: la época de oro (1935-1945)

La historia de los cantores: primera parte

La historia de los cantores: segunda parte

La radio y el tango

Las cantantes y cancionistas

Los letristas del tango


  • guest

    Is it possible for me to get English transcripts of these videos?

    • Unfortunately, transcripts for these videos do not seem to be available at the moment.

    • Manuela Rímoli

      If you are interested in this information tanguera, I’m from Argentina, I could help you. My pleasure.

  • Jean-Luc W

    En la seria “La historia de las orquestas” parece que existe una tercera parte, sabes donde se puede encontrar ?

    • Efectivamente, hay una tercera parte: como lo indico en el post, cubre el período 1945-1999. A pesar de mis esfuerzos, no he podido encontrar la grabación de este episodio.

      • Jean-Luc W

        Que lastima 🙂 Quien tiene los archivos de Volver Tango, sabes ?