Noelia & Carlitos: all their performances

Noelia & Carlitos

The table below lists all the performances by Noelia Hurtado and Carlitos Espinoza that I was able to find online. For most performances, I was able to find the dates in which they took place. For a few performances, however, the dates are only approximate. These are listed in italics.

Update (April, 2015): I no longer have the time to keep this list updated, but I encourage visitors to post links to new videos in the comments section below (as many have done already).

Update (October, 2015): Okay, by popular demand I have decided to resume work on this list, and hope to gradually list all performances missing since the last update.

  • Que Siga La Milonga – duplicate D’arienzo “no mientas” – this is Noelia’s performance with Octavio from the same Mujercitas festival in buenos aires, and is really good!

  • Tango Cine

    Hello! I’ve been compiling similar lists for hundreds of performers.

    You can see my list for Carlitos and Noelia here:

    It’s not as complete as yours with respect to labeling songs, but it’s automatically updated daily, so it should help you track what’s most recent.

  • Benjamin Lee

    Thank you for this useful list. Just about the performance of 13-Jul-2012 at Porec, ,30-Aug-2012 at Budapest, and 17-Mar-2013 at Buenos Aires, the song is not “Pobre Negrito”. It’s “Flor De Montserrat” (milonga) Biagi con Alberto Amor(1945). Can you check it?

    • Thanks, Benjamin. ‘Pobre negrito’ and ‘Flor de Montserrat’ are two alternative names for one and the same song.

      • Benjamin Lee

        Ah~~ I didn’t know that. Thanks Pablo.

  • Chava Kutukov

    Hello! Have you dropped this project, or you are planning to continue updating the list? There have been quite a few performances since May.

  • Agelos


    You can see bellow links from Napoli Tango Festival at December 6.

    Keep up the good work!

    Friendly Regards,

  • Horia Pop

    in 12-May-2012, Vienna, they danced on Comparsa Criolla by Tanturi and not on Comme il faut by Tanturi!!!!

    • If they danced to ‘Comparsa criolla’, they must have danced to ‘Comme il faut’ as well, since these are two alternative titles for one and the same tango.

      • Horia Pop
        • I’m not mistaken. The tango was formally registered twice, once by Eduardo Arolas under the title ‘Comme il faut’ and once by Rafael Iriarte under the title ‘Comparsa criolla’. A possible explanation of this enigma is that the song was a joint composition by Arolas and Iriarte, which each decided to register separately. But regardless of whether this explanation is correct, there is no doubt that there is only one tango here, not two, as anyone can tell just by listening attentively. See this blog post by José María Otero for discussion.

  • Horia Pop

    juda is NOT a vals!

  • miaow

    What a wonderful resource—thank you! Of course, there are many more performances in these two and a half months of 2015. Looking forward to an update 🙂

  • Angelos Sarantos