William Lane Craig: a complete list of debates

William Lane Craig

William Lane Craig is, far and away, my favorite debater, and over the years I’ve watched, listened to, and read dozens of his debates with atheists, agnostics, Muslims and liberal Christians. There are several sites that provide lists of debates with Craig, but none of these lists are exhaustive, and some of them are inaccurate (providing e.g. erroneous dates). So I’ve decided to remedy this situation by creating my own list. As far as I can tell, the list is complete, but if you notice any omissions, please let me know.

Some of my friends may be surprised to learn of my interest in this Christian apologist, and might even suspect that I have become a Christian myself. Let me, then, make it clear that, while I admire Craig’s debating skills, I reject many of his substantive views (some of which I find monstrous). I see no tension in holding these two attitudes: public debates are not conducive to the discovery of truth, and skill at debating should not, therefore, be regarded as indicative of correctness of belief.  As Luke Muehlhauser notes, “The reason Craig wins all his debates with atheists is not because his arguments are sound, but because he is a masterful debater.” (I do, however, believe that debates can offer more than mere entertainment, and exposing myself to Craig’s debates has helped me clarify my thinking in various ways.)

The table below currently lists over a hundred debates. My favorites are those with Douglas Jesseph, Arif Ahmed, Shelly Kagan, Quentin Smith, Ray Bradley, and others I’m forgetting.

TopicOpponentDate        VenueLocationVideoAudioText
What is the best account for objective moral values and duties?Erik Wielenberg2018-02-22North Carolina State UniversityRaleigh, North Carolina, United States Video
Is there meaning to life?Jordan Peterson, Rebecca Goldstein2018-01-26University of TorontoToronto, Ontario, CanadaVideo
Does God exist?Michael Came2017-03-23Trinity College DublinDublin, IrelandVideo
Does God exist?Michael Nugent2017-03-21University College CorkCork, IrelandVideo
Is there evidence for God?Kevin Scharp2016-02-01Ohio State UniversityColumbus, Ohio, United StatesVideoText
Does mathematics point to God?Daniel Cane2015-01-10Premier Christian RadioLondon, United KingdomAudio
God and cosmology: the existence of God in light of contemporary cosmologySean Carroll2014-02-21Baptist Theological SeminaryNew Orleans, Louisiana, United StatesVideoText
Life, the universe and nothing: is it reasonable to believe there is a God?Lawrence Krauss2013-08-16Melbourne Town HallMelbourne, AustraliaVideoText
Life, the universe and nothing: why is there something rather than nothing?Lawrence Krauss2013-08-13Sydney Town HallSydney, AustraliaVideoText
Life, the universe and nothing: has science buried God?Lawrence Krauss2013-08-07Brisbane City HallBrisbane, AustraliaVideoText
Is faith In God reasonable?Alex Rosenberg2013-02-01Purdue UniversityWest LaFayette, Indiana, United StatesVideo
Does God exist?Klemens Kappel2012-04-18Copenhagen UniversityCopenhagen, DenmarkVideo
Can the universe exist without God?Kari Enqvist2012-04-16University of HelsinkiHelsinki, FinlandVideo
The resurrection of Jesus: history or hallucination?Gerd Lüdemann2012-01-22California Polytechnic State UniversitySan Luis Obispo, California, United StatesVideo
Does God exist?Peter Atkins2011-10-26University of ManchesterManchester, United KingdomVideo
Does God exist?Peter Millican2011-10-21University of BirminghamBirmingham, United KingdomVideo
This house believes that God is not a delusionArif Ahmed, Andrew Copson2011-10-20Cambridge Union SocietyCambridge, United KingdomVideo
Does God exist?Stephen Law2011-10-17Central Hall WestminsterLondon, United KingdomVideoAudioText
Is the foundation of morality natural or supernatural?Sam Harris2011-04-07University of Notre DameNotre Dame, Indiana, United States
Is there evidence for God?Lawrence Krauss2011-03-30North Carolina State UniversityRaleigh, North Carolina, United StatesVideoText
Does the universe have a purpose?Matt Ridley, Michael Shermer, Richard Dawkins2010-11University Cultural ComplexPuebla, Puebla, MexicoVideo
Identifying Jesus: Is he man & God?Yusuf Ismail2010-05-08Jubille Community ChurchCape Town, South AfricaVideo
How should we understand the resurrection narratives?Sakkie Spangenberg, Hansie Wolmarans2010-05University of PretoriaHatfield, Pretoria, South AfricaVideo
Is God real?Michael Tooley2010-03-24University of North CarolinaCharlotte, North Carolina, United StatesVideo
Does God exist?Herb Silverman2010-03-23University of North CarolinaWilmington, North Carolina, United StatesVideo
Does God exist?Victor Stenger2010-03-01Oregon State UniversityCorvallis, Oregon, United StatesVideo
Is intelligent design viable?Francisco Ayala2009-11-05Indiana UniversityBloomington, Indiana, United StatesVideo
Cancel the resurrection?Brian Edwards2009-04-12Newstalk ZBAuckland, New ZealandAudio
Does God exist?Christopher Hitchens2009-04-04Biola UniversityLa Mirada, California, United StatesVideoText
Did Jesus rise from the dead?Richard Carrier2009-03-18Northwest Missouri State UniversityMaryville, Missouri, United StatesVideoAudio
Does God exist?Wes Morriston2009-03-16Westminster CollegeFulton, Missouri, United Statesunavailable
Does the God of Christianity exist, and what difference does it make?Christopher Hitchens2009-03-01Dallas Convention CenterDallas, Texas, United StatesVideoAudio
Did Jesus rise from the dead?Shabir Ally2009-02-11McGill UniversityMontreal, Quebec, CanadaVideoAudio
Is God necessary for morality?Shelly Kagan2009-02-04Columbia UniversityNew York, New York, United StatesVideo
Does God exist?Ronald DeSousa2009-01-29York UniversityToronto, Ontario, CanadaVideoAudio
Does God exist?Michael Payton2009-01-29The Michael Coren ShowCanadaVideo
Does God matter?Christopher DiCarlo2009-01University of WaterlooWaterloo, Ontario, CanadaVideo
Does God exist?James Robert Brown2009-01University of TorontoToronto, Ontario, CanadaAudio
Does evil disprove God?Eric Dayton2009University of SaskatchewanSaskatoon, Saskatchewan, CanadaAudio
Is God a delusion?Bill Cooke2008-06-19Auckland UniversityAuckland, New ZealandVideoAudio
Is God necessary for morality?Louise Antony2008-04-10University of MassachusettsAmherst, Massachusetts, United StatesVideoAudio
Does God exist?George Williamson2008-01-31John Gormley LiveSaskatchewan, CanadaVideo
Does God exist?John Shook2008-01-22University of British ColumbiaVancouver, British Columbia, CanadaVideo
Was Jesus bodily raised from the dead?James Crossley2008University of SheffieldSheffield, United KingdomVideo
Should we believe that the resurrection of Jesus is historical?Roy Hoover2008Millsaps CollegeJackson, Massachusetts, United StatesVideoAudio
Is God a delusion?Michael Begon2007-03-07Liverpool UniversityLiverpool, United KingdomVideo
Is God a delusion?Lewis Wolpert2007-02-28Central Hall WestminsterLondon, United KingdomVideo
Does the Christian God exist?Andrew Pyle2007Bristol, United KingdomVideo
Is there historical evidence for resurrection?Bart Ehrman2006-03-28College of the Holy CrossWorcester, Massachusetts, United StatesVideoAudioText
Is belief in God more reasonable than disbelief?Arif Ahmed2005-04-28University of CambridgeCambridge, United KingdomAudio
Existiert Gott?Norbert Hörster2005-04-26Technische Universität MünschenMunich, Germanyunavailable
The great resurrection debateJohn Shelby Spong2005Bethel CollegeMishawaka, Indiana, United StatesVideo
Gibt es Gott?Michael Schmidt-Salomon2005University of DüsseldorfDüsseldorf, GermanyVideo
Does God exist?Austin Dacey2005Purdue UniversityWest Lafayette, Indiana, United StatesVideoAudio
Belief in God makes sense in light of tsunamisAC Grayling2005Oxford UnionOxford, United KingdomAudioText
Science and religionQuentin Smith, Richard Gale2004-01-30California Polytechnic State UniversitySan Luis Obispo, California, United StatesVideo
Does God exist?Austin Dacey2004California State UniversityFresno, California, United StatesVideo
The resurrection of Jesus: fact or fiction?Héctor Ávalos2004Iowa State UniversityAmes, Iowa, United StatesAudio
Does God exist?Quentin Smith2003-04Harvard Science CenterCambridge, Massachusetts, United StatesText
Is there a God?Victor Stenger2003University of HawaiiHonolulu, Hawaii, United StatesVideo
Does God exist?Bruce Russell2003United States Military AcademyWest Point, New York, United StatesVideo
Who is the true Jesus? The Jesus of the Qur'an or the Jesus of the Bible?Shabir Ally2002-03-07University of Western OntarioLondon, Ontario, CanadaVideo
The concept of God in Islam and ChristianityShabir Ally2002-03-06McMaster UniversityHamilton, Ontario, CanadaVideo
What must I do to be saved?Shabir Ally2002-03-05York UniversityToronto, Ontario, CanadaVideo
Did Jesus of Nazareth physically rise from the dead?Shabir Ally2002-03-04University of TorontoToronto, Ontario, United StatesVideo
Is God relevant?Phillip Adams2002Sydney UniversitySydney, AustraliaVideo
The resurrection of JesusBrian Edwards2002Newstalk ZBAuckland, New ZealandAudio
Science and Christianity: friend or foe?Phillip Adams2002Sydney UniversitySydney, AustraliaVideo
Atheism vs. ChristianityPeter Slezak2002Sydney Town HallSydney, AustraliaVideo
Is goodness without God is good enough?Paul Kurtz2001-10-24Franklin & Marshall CollegeLancaster, Pennsylvania, United StatesVideo
Did Jesus rise from the dead?Marcus Borg2001-10-22University of North TexasDenton, Texas, United StatesVideo
Does the Christian God exist?Massimo Pigliucci2001-03-22UCLA ChapelLos Angels, California, United StatesAudio
If God is dead, is everything permitted?Torbjörn Tännsjö2001University of GothenburgGothenburg, SwedenVideo
Do suffering and evil disprove God?Walter Sinnott-Armstrong2000-04-01Wooddale ChurchEden Prairie, Minnesota, United StatesVideo
Does God exist?Don Barrier2000University of SaskatchewanSaskatoon, Saskatchewan, CanadaAudio
Does God exist?Ingmar Persson1999-03-18University of LundLund, SwedenText
Secular humanism vs. ChristianityEddie Tabash1999-02-08Pepperdine UniversityMalibu, California, United StatesVideo
Did Jesus of Nazareth rise from the dead?Robert Price1999Ohio State UniversityColumbus, Ohio, United StatesAudio
What Is the evidence for/against the existence of God?Peter Atkins1998-04-03Carter Presidential CenterAtlanta, Georgia, United StatesVideoAudio
Christianity vs. scientific naturalismGarrett Hardin1998-02-11University of CaliforniaSanta Barbara, California, United StatesVideo
The existence of the Christian GodEdwin Curley1998-02-05University of MichiganAnn Arbor, Michigan, United StatesText
Does God exist?Massimo Pigliucci1998University of GeorgiaAthens, Georgia, United StatesText
Does God exist?Antony Flew1998University of WisconsinMadison, Winsconsin, United StatesVideo
Why I am/am not a ChristianKeith Parsons1998Prestonwood Baptist ChurchPlano, Texas, United StatesVideoAudio
Does God exist?Paul Draper1997-09-30United States Military AcademyWest Point, New York, United StatesVideo
Did Jesus rise from the dead?Gerd Lüdemann1997-09-22Boston CollegeBoston, Massachusetts, United StatesVideoAudio
What is God like? The concept of God in Islam and in ChristianityJamal Badawi1997-02-27University of IllinoisUrbana, Illinois, United StatesVideoAudio
Does God exist?Douglas Jesseph1997Arizona State UniversityPhoenix, Arizona, United Statesunavailable
Does God exist?Theodore Drange1997University of IllinoisUrbana, Illinois, United StatesVideoAudio
Does God exist?Quentin Smith1996-03-22Southern Methodist UniversityDallas, Texas, United StatesText
Does God exist?Douglas Jesseph1996North Carolina State UniversityRaleigh, North Carolina, United StatesText
Does God exist?Corey Washington1995-02University of WashingtonWashington, United StatesText
Did Jesus rise from the dead?Greg Cavin1995-02University of CaliforniaIrvine, California, United StatesAudio
Will the real Jesus please stand up? John Dominic Crossan1995Moody ChurchChicago, Illinois, United StatesAudio
Does God exist?Michael Tooley1994-11University of ColoradoBoulder, Colorado, United StatesText
Can a loving God send people to hell?Ray Bradley1994Simon Frasier UniversityVancouver, British Columbia, CanadaAudioText
Christianity vs. secular humanismFelmon Davis1993-10-09First Presbyterian ChurchSchenectady, New York, United StatesVideo
Is the basis of morality natural or supernatural?Richard Taylor1993-10-08Union CollegeSchenectady, New York, United StatesText
Atheism vs. Christianity: where does the evidence point?Frank Zindler1993-06Willow Creek Community ChurchSouth Barrington, Illinois, United StatesVideo
Does God exist?Robert Dietz1993Arizona State UniversityPhoenix, Arizona, United Statesunavailable
Does God exist?Kai Nielsen1991-02University of Western OntarioLondon, Ontario, CanadaText
Humanism vs. ChristianityHenry Morgentaler1991-01-29University of SaskatchewanSaskatoon, Saskatchewan, CanadaVideo
Christianity vs. agnosticism: can we know that God exists?R.I.G. Hughes1990sUniversity of South CarolinaColumbia, South Carolina, United StatesVideo