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Android apps I use

See also: Chrome extensions I like

Here’s a list of all the apps currently installed on my Android smartphone. My favorite ones are boldfaced. Please note that a few apps require root access; if your phone is not rooted, these apps will not work.

Let me know if you think I’m missing anything. I’m interested both in superior alternatives to the apps I currently use and in completely novel apps.

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My favorite films of the 2000s

Inspired perhaps by Luke’s movie recommendations, I have decided to pick my favorite films of the 2000s.  More specifically, I’m picking one film –my favorite– for each of the ten years comprising that decade.  Future posts will list my favorite films for other decades.  I may revise this post as I watch new films, or as my tastes change.

I should note that I barely watched any films during the second part of the decade. This may explain why my picks for the last five years of this period are more mainstream, and arguably lower in quality.











Android apps I like

An up-to-date list of all apps currently installed on my Android phone can be found here.  Please note that you need an AppBrain account to see the list (the service is free, and you can easily create a new account by linking it to your Google or Facebook profile).

As I no longer use AppBrain, this post is now out of date. See this post for my current list of Android apps.

Blogs I like

These are some of the blogs I like.  When this is not otherwise obvious, author names for individual blogs, or for group blogs with a primary author, appear in parentheses.  If you think I’m missing something I would enjoy, please let me know. All-time favorites are boldfaced.

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