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Wittgenstein, La Rochefoucauld Anki decks

These two language decks may be of interest to language learners:

For a description of each deck’s contents, follow the corresponding link.  The decks were generated with a script I wrote; I checked a few random cards from each deck and everything looked fine, but if you detect any errors, please let me know.

German cases and musical notes Anki decks

I’ve created two new Anki decks.  The first one [archived] lists German case inflections for all gender, number and article combinations.  The second one [archived] contains recordings of each of the 12 notes of the chromatic scale, in various octaves, played on the piano and as a pure sine wave; it is an experimental deck to test whether spaced repetition could help develop perfect pitch.

My other Anki decks may be found here.

Ear training Anki deck

I have created an Anki deck with sound samples of around 40 of the most widely used chords, in root position.  (This deck is unlikely to be of interest to non-musicians.)  The deck may be found here [archived].

I may add more chords, or chord inversions, in the coming months.

Anki deck and Google Form for The Feeling Good Handbook, by David Burns

I have created a public Anki deck [archived] including “cognitive distortions”, “ten ways to untwist your thinking”, and “ways to challenge automatic thoughts”, from David Burns’s The Feeling Good Handbook. I have also created a Google Form based on Burns’s “Daily Mood Log“. If you suffer from anxiety, depression or some related mood disorder, this may help.

Anki decks by LessWrong users

In a recent LessWrong post, Qiaochu Yuan noted that “various mnemonic techniques like memory palaces, along with spaced repetition, seem to more or less solve the problem of memorization.” The list below is an attempt to compile all existing Anki decks created by Less Wrong users, in the hope that they will be of help to others in memorizing the corresponding material. (Anki is arguably the most popular spaced repetition software.)  If you know of a deck not included here, please mention it in the comments section and I’ll add it to the list. Thanks!

Please note that I have excluded some of my own Anki decks, which may not be of interest to members of the LessWrong community; all such decks may be found here.

Update (August 2019): The links to many of the decks below died in the intervening years, in part because AnkiWeb deletes shared decks with low download activity. Fortunately, I managed to regenerate almost all of these decks from my own master deck. To prevent further loss of content, I have now uploaded all of the extant decks to my server and added backup links to these archived versions.

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