Resources on writing well

This list of resources revises and expands a document that my friend Aron Vallinder created a while ago.  The hyperlinks go to the corresponding pages.  The average Amazon customer review score appears in brackets, followed by the total number of reviews.  If the book is available in electronic format for free, a separate link is provided. A few items are also accompanied by brief annotations.  If you think I’m missing some good resource, please let me know.



  • Fowler, H. W. and Ernest Gowers (ed.), A Dictionary of Modern English Usage, 2nd ed.
    [4.5/5] [pdf] A true classic, albeit now somewhat outdated. There is almost universal agreement that the second edition (revised by Gowers) is superior to the third edition (further revised by Winchester).
  • King, Stephen, On Writing.
    [4.6/110] [pdf] Sivers’s summary. A general reflection on the craft of writing, with a number of practical tips interspersed throughout.
  • Strunk, William and E. B. White, The Elements of Style, 4th ed.
    [4.7/441] [pdf] A classic of its genre, it has also attracted a great deal of criticism.
  • Williams, Joseph and Gregory G. Colomb, Style: Lessons in Clarity and Grace, 10th ed.
    [4.6/29] [pdf, 9th ed.] “The best teachers of practical style are Joseph Williams and Gregory Colomb.” (Francis-Noël Thomas & Mark Turner)