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Android apps I like

An up-to-date list of all apps currently installed on my Android phone can be found here.  Please note that you need an AppBrain account to see the list (the service is free, and you can easily create a new account by linking it to your Google or Facebook profile).

As I no longer use AppBrain, this post is now out of date. See this post for my current list of Android apps.

Good essays by Luke Muehlhauser no longer available at

When Luke Muehlhauser updated his website at the end of 2011, many of his essays ceased to be available. I tried to persuade him to put them back online, but I didn’t succeed. Fortunately, the Internet Archive keeps cached versions of the old site, and the essays can still be accessed there. Here are links to the ones I found most useful:

The old site also featured a section on Self-help Guru Ratings. Years ago, I recommended this list to a friend of mine, with the following comment:

I actually clicked on every single review to see which authors were rated positively (only Cudney, Dunnan, and Gilbaugh were, I believe). Maybe he errs on the side of harshness, but at least this criterion makes you quite confident that if a book managed to please him it probably has something good to offer. Elsewhere on his site, he also praises John T. Reed’s book Succeeding.

Update: Peter Hurford points out that “The Art of Plain Talk” was reposted to Common Sense Atheism.