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Jaegwon Kim

[I]f you want to make a perfect duplicate of something, all you need to do is to put identical parts in identical structure. The principle is the metaphysical underpinning of industrial mass production; to make another ’01 Ford Explorer, all you need to do is to assemble identical parts in identical structural configurations.

Jaegwon Kim, ‘Supervenience, Emergence, Realization, Reduction’, in Michael J. Loux and Dean W. Zimmerman (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Metaphysics, Oxford, 2003, p. 567

Ursula Le Guin

A proper body’s not an object, not an implement, not a belonging to be admired, it’s just you, yourself. Only when it’s no longer you, but yours, a thing owned, do you worry about it –Is it in good shape? Will it do? Will it last?

Ursula Le Guin, ‘The Day before the Revolution’, Galaxy, vol. 8 (August, 1974)