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Damien Keown

In marked contrast to the view of Islam about the fate of warriors who die in a holy war, the Buddha expresses the view in the Sutta Nipāta that soldiers who die in battle go not to a special paradise but to a special hell, since at the moment of death their minds were bent on killing.

Damien Keown, Buddhism: A Very Short Introduction, Oxford, 2013, p. 122

Robert Buswell & Donald Lopez

In the story of the life of the Buddha, in the early days of the saṃgha the monks had no fixed abode but wandered throughout the year. Eventually, the Buddha instructed monks to cease their peregrinations during the torrential monsoon period in order to prevent the killing of insects and worms while walking on muddy roads.

Robert Buswell & Donald Lopez, The Princeton Dictionary of Buddhism, Princeton, 2014, p. 968

Derek Parfit

Nagel once claimed that it is psychologically impossible to believe the Reductionist View. Buddha claimed that, though it is very hard, it is possible. I find Buddha’s claim to be true. After reviewing my arguments, I find that, at the reflective or intellectual level, though it is very hard to believe the Reductionist View, this is possible. My remaining doubts or fears seem to me irrational. Since I can believe this view, I assume that others can do so too. We can believe the truth about ourselves.

Derek Parfit, Reasons and Persons, Oxford, 1984, p. 280