Robin Hahnel

At their present pace they may undo, in only a couple of years, all progress toward reclaiming their economies made by anti-imperialist third world movements and governments over the past 50 years. They may do it without the cost of occupying armies. They may do it without firing a shot. Just as the painfully slow reduction of inequality and wealth within the advanced economies won by tremendous organizing efforts and personal sacrifices of millions of progressive activists during the first three quarters of the 20th century was literally wiped out in the past 20 years, all the gains of the great anti-imperialist movements of the 20th century may soon be wiped out by the policies of neoliberalism and its ensuing global crisis. This should be our greatest fear, and this must be what we most resolutely condemn and do everything in our power to stop.

Robin Hahnel, Panic Rules!, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1999, pp. 72-73