If creativity is the field, copyright is the fence.

John Oswald

The entirety of this blog is uncopyrighted. I claim no ownership whatsoever to the tandas or discographies I create and make available online, or to any other type of content that may be supposed to be “mine” in some sense or another. Readers are welcome to download, copy, distribute, print, search or display the information found on these pages, in any shape or form, with or without attribution. This blog is a celebration of tango music and dancing, and the more the world is exposed to this art, the better its purpose will have been realized.

  • jp battaille

    I applaude the sharing…but as a photographer I would like to see the credits for the pictures, and naturally hope the photograph agreed for you to use it. Tx

    • If you are referring to the masthead pictures, they were all taken by Horacio Coppola (1906-2012).